Registration & Voting

Registration & Voting

Kansas elections are conducted by the counties with oversight by the secretary of state’s office. Voter registration application (Español) forms must be submitted to the county election officer where the applicant lives. Kansans may also register to vote or change their registration information online with a valid Kansas driver’s license or nondriver identification card. The deadline to register to vote is the twenty-first day before any election.

Counties are required to post a Voter Rights and Responsibilities poster (Español) and Notice to Voters (Español) at each polling place on Election Day. Each county maintains a list of registered voters, and the secretary of state  maintains a statewide list. This data is available for purchase by filling out a CVR form.

Each county chooses its voting system from a list of equipment certified by the secretary of state. A list of what voting system each county uses is kept by the secretary of state. All certified systems must meet the requirements of the national voting system standards. Maps of national and state districts also are available to ensure Kansans have all the information they need about voting matters.

This brochure describes requirements for accessibility for people with disabilities. It was created by the Disability Rights Center and funded by the Kansas Secretary of State.