Law Changes – Form

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Document Copies Returned to Customers after Filing—SB 85 passed in 2009
Previous law required our office to return the original paper documents to the customer after filing. We are implementing a new filing process, enabling us to scan the document early in the process. We will now return a scanned copy of the document to the customer. This enables us to review and retrieve the document electronically, and it enables the customer to see exactly what we have scanned and stored in our filing system.

Certificates/Letters of Good Standing—SB 86 passed in 2009
To reduce redundancy and streamline services, the Letter of Good Standing is being eliminated. Information previously presented on the letter is being added to the Certificate of Good Standing. The fee for the certificate is being reduced to the letter fee of $15 for a paper order (provided by our staff) or $10 for an online order (obtained by the customer at our website).

Business Entities Transactions Act (BETA)—SB 132 passed in 2009, amended in SB 441 passed in 2010
This law permits nearly all business entities to perform mergers, conversions, domestications, and interest exchanges. Each of these transactions may be filed as a certificate ($75 fee) or as an agreement ($150 fee). Forms for filing the certificates will be available at our website in July. To review the new law, click here.

Resident Agents Required for LLPs/Changes to Name and Address by the Resident Agent—SB 437 passed in 2010
LLPs will now be required to provide a name and address for resident agent/registered office at the time of filing their formation document as do other business entities on file with our office. LLPs will also be able to file an amendment to change their resident agent/registered office. Resident agents who need to file a change in their name or address will now be able to make those changes on one filing. Under previous law those changes were required to be made on two separate documents.

Business Trust Balance Sheets—SB 438 passed in 2010
Business trusts will no longer be required to provide a balance sheet with their formation document.

Repeal Insignias—SB 440 passed in 2010
Insignias will no longer be filed in Kansas. Instead, designs, logos, etc. may be filed in our office as a trademark or service mark.

Limited Partnership Mergers—SB 441 passed in 2010
Under previous law when limited partnerships were part of merger, they filed a cancellation. Under the new law they will file a merger, which makes the business filing history more clear and accurate.