Kansas Directory

The Kansas Directory is a publication that provides contact information for numerous government resources. The links below will guide you to the relevant information.

2020 Kansas Directory

  1. Kansas State Officers
  2. Kansas Board of Education
  3. Kansas Congressional Officers
  4. United States Courts – Kansas District
  5. The Kansas Judiciary
    • Kansas Supreme Court and Court of Appeals
    • Kansas District Courts: District Judges
    • Kansas District Courts: District Magistrate Judges
  6. The Kansas Legislature
  7. Kansas County and City Populations
  8. Kansas County and City Census Information
  9. Kansas County Officials
  10. Incorporated Cities of Kansas
  11. Kansas Zip Code Directory
  12. State Offices, Agencies, Boards, Councils, and Commissions

The Kansas Directory was last updated February 7, 2020. If you are aware of any corrections or updates, please email lara.murphy@ks.gov.